About HowClip

HowClip, the premier eLearning Content Creator Monetization Platform. Organizing all learning videos in short, easily searchable, highly categorized clips. 

Be a teacher and earn money from ad revenue or adding a paywall to your clips. Create a profile and start start building your portfolio of videos. Use playlists to stitch your content along with others to increase your view count. 

Be a learner and use our advanced categorization search function to find the exact micro skill you are looking for. With 5 levels of microcategorization, get as granular as possible! Segregate tasks by the smallest components and discover the best way to accomplish the skill. Learn from multiple teachers how to accomplish subtasks and create the best-practice in the world.

Collaborate with other experts to determine what the best possible way to do something is.Innovate and research micro skills that are part of larger projects to determine the best-practices in the world. Challenge other teachers to demonstrate the best possible way to do something and let them show you the way they do it. Each level 5 subcategory can be innovated to be defined as the best practice. 

With playlists, weave together a how to project with different portions from seperate creators to build the ultimate how to with best parts from different creators. 

Set the price of your Pay-per-view clip anywhere from 5 cents to 25 dollars. Also choose the type of ads to be played on your video, from a banner ad, up to 30 second ads within the clip. 

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HowClip Corporate Office 

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For DMCA takedown notices, please contact David@howclip.com 


Getting Started

To get started, simple create a profile, start uploading videos, and create your subcategories of interest. 

Choose the clip lengths (maximum 2:40 seconds) so keep the content concise and highly subcategorized for the ease of discovery for learners! Use playlists for longer projects. 

As a learner, create a profile and begin exploring the subcategories, user profiles, and playlists to discover custom expert learning content!